For the Love of Food

Be the inspiration to do more than exist.

This is all about inspiring others to pursue their dreams and making my life a work of art along the way. For the love of food, a passion for photography, and doing more than just existing.  //  As an aspiring world-traveling food photographer, I seek out restaurants that are in need of professional photos of their food and beverage for their businesses website, social media, and marketing needs. In an industry where presentation is everything, beautiful visuals of your dishes will be available before it even hits the table + it makes your clientele want to literally eat your social media page. If you’re in the market to upgrade, e-mail me for all inquiries: butteryobreadphotos@gmail.com

I’m beginning my journey by building my portfolio in my hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Check out my blog for more details of how I’m taking my passions and making them happen.